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ISM will present the following awards, together with a cash price provided by the IEEE TCSEM (Technical Committee on Semantic Computing), at the banquet:

  • Best Paper Award

  • Best Student Paper Award

  • Antonio Picariello Best Student Opponent Award

Note that students can enroll to participate in the "Antonio Picariello Best Student Opponent Award", a new competition that will take place within the Best Paper Award session. More specifically, each best paper candidate is assigned an opponent (a student), who has to:

- summarize contribution of presented work;

- work out 2 strong points (what he/she likes);

- work out 2 weak points (what he/she does not like).


After the feedback from the opponent, there are 5 minutes for comments from the audience and replies from the presenter. At the end of the session, the Best Paper Award Committee will have to vote for the:

- Best Paper Award.

- Best Student Paper Award.

- Antonio Picariello Best Student Opponent Award.

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